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Please use the buttons below to submit your sheet music for the 2024 Ringwood Eisteddfod. Following that, you can book in a rehearsal with Isaac using the button below! 

PLEASE NOTE: When dropbox requests your name, please type your name in as entered with the Ringwood Eisteddfod. Please also ensure you are signed out of your Dropbox account before uploading music. 


In accordance with the rules outlined by the Ringwood Eisteddfod, sheet music must be submitted a minimum of 14 days before performance. Only music submitted before the 1st of June 2024 will be accepted. 

Please ensure your music is a high-quality scan, with no missing measures or lines, in the correct key. Any cuts must be clearly marked on the score, along with any other amendments made to the written score. 

Please only upload one complete PDF per section. 

Submit Sheet music using the buttons below.
Please only upload one file into each Dropbox folder.

IMPORTANT: When the DropBox submission requests your name, please enter the name of the competitor as entered with the Eisteddfod, not a Parent or Guardian's name. Please also ensure the PDF you upload is titled the name of the piece.

Once you have submitted your sheet music, use the button below to book a rehearsal with Isaac! 


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